Dotnxt Jadeer Ideation Battle

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  • Category Startups
16 March 2023 - 20 March 2023

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Challenge Description

Dotnxt Jadeer Ideation Battle is an exclusive challenge for Dotnext Jadeer program affiliates.  If you are an affiliate on Phase 2 of Dotnext Jadeer Program, you will be entitled to access this challenge and participate only with one idea.   You will not be able to edit your idea once your participate it in the challenge, so please ensure that your idea is reviewed, and final for submission.  In addition, ensure that the idea visibility is set to be "Public", so your peers can see its details on the listing for voting.

Kindly note that this is a public voting challenge, hence we recommend that the affiliates promote this challenge URL to thier contacts and individual networks so they can obtain the highest number of votes for their idea from their peers.

Only the top 100 voted ideas will be shortlisted to participate in the final round of Jadeer Challenge, which will be evaluated by a professional panel for participation in the startup bootcamp!

Feel free to communicate with Madarek Support team using our Contact Form for any support and assistance.   We wish you all the best with your participation!  


Ideas Participated


Experts Engaged



Shortlist top 100 ideas to participate in Next Phase - Jadeer Challenge

Who Should Participate



Qualification to Participate in Jadeer Challenge


Announcement 15 March 2023

Open for Submission 16 March 2023

Close for Submission 20 March 2023

Public Evaluation Start 01 April 2023

Public Evaluation End -

Award Announcement 02 April 2023

Voting Mechanism


Participating Ideas

Ideas Submitted Rank Votes Date of Submission  
1 1307 16 March 2023
2 1032 20 March 2023
3 648 20 March 2023


BY Maria

4 436 19 March 2023
5 423 20 March 2023
6 225 16 March 2023


BY Amal

7 191 20 March 2023


BY Jayhan

8 178 17 March 2023


BY yousuf

9 165 20 March 2023
10 149 16 March 2023
11 119 19 March 2023
12 112 16 March 2023
13 103 18 March 2023
14 94 20 March 2023


BY Julanda

15 88 20 March 2023
16 88 20 March 2023
17 86 20 March 2023
18 84 20 March 2023
19 83 20 March 2023
20 70 29 March 2023
21 68 17 March 2023


BY Khamis

22 53 16 March 2023
23 52 19 March 2023


BY Hisham

24 50 20 March 2023
25 48 16 March 2023
26 48 20 March 2023
27 45 16 March 2023


BY Asma

28 42 20 March 2023
29 40 19 March 2023


BY Fatma

30 38 16 March 2023
31 37 19 March 2023
32 36 20 March 2023

Tourism App

BY shahad

33 34 20 March 2023
34 32 25 March 2023


BY Haitham

35 30 16 March 2023
36 29 20 March 2023
37 28 20 March 2023
38 27 29 March 2023
39 26 29 March 2023
40 25 19 March 2023
41 24 19 March 2023
42 24 20 March 2023
43 24 20 March 2023
44 23 19 March 2023
45 23 20 March 2023
46 23 20 March 2023
47 23 20 March 2023


BY Zainab

48 22 20 March 2023
49 22 20 March 2023
50 22 20 March 2023
51 21 17 March 2023
52 21 19 March 2023
53 21 19 March 2023
54 21 21 March 2023
55 20 16 March 2023
56 20 19 March 2023
57 20 20 March 2023
58 20 20 March 2023
59 19 17 March 2023
60 19 17 March 2023
61 19 18 March 2023
62 19 18 March 2023
63 19 19 March 2023
64 19 19 March 2023
65 19 20 March 2023
66 19 20 March 2023
67 19 20 March 2023
68 19 20 March 2023
69 18 16 March 2023
70 18 17 March 2023


BY Hamda

71 18 19 March 2023
72 18 19 March 2023
73 18 20 March 2023
74 18 20 March 2023
75 18 20 March 2023
76 18 20 March 2023
77 18 20 March 2023


BY Abtehal

78 18 20 March 2023
79 18 20 March 2023
80 18 20 March 2023
81 18 20 March 2023
82 18 20 March 2023
83 18 21 March 2023
84 18 25 March 2023
85 17 16 March 2023
86 17 18 March 2023
87 17 19 March 2023
88 17 20 March 2023
89 17 20 March 2023
90 17 20 March 2023
91 17 20 March 2023
92 17 20 March 2023

Camp with us

BY Maryam

93 17 20 March 2023

Home car wash

BY Maryam

94 17 20 March 2023
95 17 20 March 2023
96 17 20 March 2023

Super bus

BY Marwa

97 17 20 March 2023
98 17 20 March 2023
99 17 20 March 2023
100 17 20 March 2023
101 17 20 March 2023
102 17 20 March 2023
103 17 20 March 2023
104 17 20 March 2023
105 17 20 March 2023
106 17 20 March 2023
107 17 20 March 2023
108 17 20 March 2023
109 16 20 March 2023
110 16 20 March 2023
111 16 20 March 2023
112 5 29 March 2023


Evaluation Panel

  • No record found!

Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Condition


    You acknowledge and agree to be bound to the following Terms & Conditions when accessing the IDEATION page and submitting my idea to Dotnxt Jadeer company or subsidiaries.




    1. Dotnxt Ideation Page
    2. The System: The system provided by AWJ that enables members to share their innovative ideas.
    3. Member: any authorized User of the System
    4. Person: Any natural person, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity.

    The IDEATION Community Rules

    A. An applicant for IDEATION Membership must be at least majority age in their resident jurisdiction.

    B. The Member agrees:

    1. To respect the confidentiality of any confidential information they see on the Ideation System.
    2. To respect the confidentiality of every other Member's innovation and not to disclose any innovation to any third party that does not have access to that innovation without the explicit permission of the owner.
    3. To respect the anonymity of other Members, and only disclose the identity of the anonymous Member upon attaining the Member’s permission;
    4. To act in an ethical and honorable manner.
    5. To communicate in a civil and professional manner.
    6. To provide his/her complete, accurate and up-to-date identification and contact when required to do so.
    7. To submit ideas that he/she owns and not ideas that belongs to others.
    8. To restrict or inhibit any User from unauthorized use of IDEATION System.
    9. To assume all risk of use;
    10. To report to IDEATION any activities that are unethical and/or in contravention with these Rules and/or relevant laws and regulations.
    11. To declare any significant conflict of interest.
    12. not to engage in any activity intended to disrupt or compete with IDEATION ;
    13. To use the IDEATION System in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, including, local and international.
    14. Not to modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, distribute, display, reverse engineer or assemble, create, or derive in whole or in part the IDEATION System and/or its underlying software and/or code.
    15. Not to sell, exploit for a commercial purpose, assign, sub-license, grant a security interest in or otherwise transfer any right in the System without approval from Ideation.
    16. Not to use any robot, spider, "web crawlers" or other type of technology to monitor or copy or automatically download IDEATION content.
    17. To submit accurate and correct information
    18. IDEATION team is not liable for any contractual relationship between the member and any third party.
    19. To include one idea only per submission
    20. To have joint Intellectual Property with Dotnxt Jadeer and AWJ Team of the ideas submitted by them; if been developed in a further stage by Dotnxt Jadeer and AWJ Team. And All Intellectual Property jointly developed by the Parties in connection with IDEATION shall be owned by both the member and Dotnxt Jadeer.


    The Member furthermore agrees not to use the System for:

    1. false or misleading information, indications of invention, origin, ownership, use or statements of facts;
    2. violation, infringement, or plagiarizing the rights of third parties including: their IP, rights of privacy or publicity, or any other proprietary rights;
    3. material related to contests, pyramid schemes, surveys, junk e-mail, spamming or any duplicative or unsolicited messages or advertising;
    4. unlawful, harmful, libelous, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, infringing, vulgar or offensive behavior and/or language;
    5. anything leading to the release of Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses or any other component designed to either harm or interfere with the proper working of the System, or its Users and Members;

    C. Acceptance and Modifications

    By accessing the IDEATION website and using the System, a User acknowledges acceptance of these Rules.

    Access to the System including but not limited to: the software, functionality, materials, and any content presented on the IDEATION website, are accepted by the User “as is”.

    IDEATION may change the System, its website, listing and/or the Rules; changes become effective immediately; and use of the System on or after such effective date constitutes acceptance of such changes. IDEATION makes no commitment to either update or keep current content on the System nor correct any known errors.

    D. Security, Back-Ups and Disaster Recovery

    Member data is stored in a secure facility. IDEATION has taken steps to prevent unauthorized access and use of the System. In addition, IDEATION has put in place sophisticated and advanced back-up and disaster recovery systems.

    Notwithstanding, the security, back-up and disaster recovery systems implemented for the System have inherent limitations; therefore any loss or harm caused by Member's provision of data will be borne exclusively by the Member who furthermore agrees that IDEATION shall have no liability for any loss or harm other than the aforementioned guarantee.

    E. IDEATION Commissions

    F. Disclaimer of Warranties, Limited Liability, and Waiver

    While IDEATION assumes full responsibility for the Members’ data and its associated audit and attestation trail, IDEATION is not responsible for any content displayed or provided by Members. IDEATION does not endorse Member or third-party content, (including scanning such content for the presence of computer viruses or worms or malevolent code). IDEATION, its officers, directors, employees, shareholders, successors, or heirs shall not be responsible or liable for any:

    1. Infringement and/or defective title on the part of intangibles listed.
    2. Claims (including claims of third-party infringement or negligence or breach of contract), fines or other costs (including court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees related thereto) which a Member incurs as a result of any third-party claim relating to their use or inability to use the IDEATION System;
    3. Damages, or loss of sales or profits or opportunity, more than the fees paid to it by the Member regardless of the cause of action or whether IDEATION knew or was informed of the likelihood of damages.
    4. Infringement, omission, negligence, or intentional wrongdoing resulting from or arising out of or related to the Member’s use.
    5. Breach of the Rules by a Member.

    If any Member chooses to bring legal action or claim against any indemnified party, they shall notify the party in writing or by email, and they shall assume and control the defense, settlement, and expenses of each such action. Any indemnified party shall have the right to employ separate counsel in any such action and participate in the defense at their own cost.

    Any waiver by IDEATION in a particular instance shall not constitute a waiver of the same or different rights, remedies, or breaches in any other instance.

    G. Force Majeure

    IDEATION is not liable for:

    1. delays or failure in performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to: acts of God, civil or military authority, war, labor disputes, materials or services provided by third parties; nor
    2. errors or omissions in performance due to the failure of a Member.

    IDEATION will be entitled to a reasonable extension of time to remedy any such delay or failure.

    H. Notices

    Notices to IDEATION may be sent by email to: [                           ]

    I. Rights to Website Content

    The Member acknowledges and agrees that:

    1. the IDEATION System and any material appearing on it other than those submitted by the Member, including: text, documents, pdf files, website design, interfaces, icons, software, sound, photographs, video, graphics, images, as well as the selection, compilation, assembly and arrangement of the same, including but not limited to message digests and metadata, comprise proprietary and confidential information owned by IDEATION, and are protected under law; and
    2. use of any intellectual property of IDEATION without written permission by IDEATION is strictly prohibited and constitutes unauthorized use. IDEATION will enforce any infringement for unauthorized use, and violators will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

    J. Termination of Membership

    IDEATION shall have the right to terminate Membership upon the occurrence of any of the following:

    1. failing to meet obligations under these Rules;
    2. failure by the Member to pay any required payment to IDEATION ;
    3. breach or default by Member of any Rule;
    4. an individual Member dies;
    5. when a Member who is not an individual becomes insolvent or is expelled;
    6. when a Member allows an unauthorized commercial use of the System, or the resale of any of the IDEATION services; or
    7. when a Member is found guilty of fraud.

    Upon Termination of Membership:

    1. any unpaid fees due to IDEATION are immediately due and payable;
    2. all Membership rights and interests granted to the Member shall terminate; and
    3. IDEATION will return all Member’s data.

    K. User Identification and Password

    1. Upon IDEATION’s positive review of the Registration Form, IDEATION may issue a unique User ID and Password to a qualified Member, for exclusive, personal and non-transferable use in accessing the IDEATION System.
    2. The Member is solely responsible for use and access to the IDEATION System and all activity that occurs under the Member's account.
    3. The Member agrees not to use its User ID and Password for any unauthorized purpose and to keep them confidential and to immediately notify IDEATION of any known or suspected unauthorized use of its User ID and Password.

    L. Anti-Money Laundering

    No person shall be a member of IDEATION that is prohibited by Anti-Money Laundering statutes, regulations and rules. Applicants and Members shall support IDEATION or its agent in conducting due diligence. The identity shall be verified by IDEATION at the time of application.


    IDEATION considers the privacy of its client data of paramount importance. By using the Site, you agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy posted in the site, which is incorporated into these Terms & Conditions. Please be advised the Site is hosted in the Sultanate of Oman. If you access the Site from any other region of the world with laws or other requirements governing personal data collection, use, or disclosure that differ from applicable laws in Sultanate of Oman, then through your continued use of the Site, you are transferring your data to Sultanate of Oman, and you agree to have your data transferred to and processed in Sultanate of Oman. Further, we do not knowingly accept, request, or solicit information from children or knowingly market to children.

    IDEATION members acknowledge that they are aware that ideas submitted by them will only be shared between Dotnxt Jadeer company, AWJ and subsidiaries.


    Organizational and other Data Collected by IDEATION

    IDEATION's servers automatically record information when a Member visits the IDEATION website or uses the IDEATION System and products, including: the URL, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time of the Member’s request.

    IDEATION collects organizational information whenever a Member registers on the System or otherwise voluntarily provides such information.

    1. Users and/or Members grant IDEATION the right to use for business administrative purposes, but not to disclose to third parties, certain information supplied by the Member, provided that such information will not include personally identifying information or specific company information, except as authorized by the Member; and
    2. IDEATION reserves the right to provide such personally identifying information to third parties only in the good faith belief that such action is reasonably necessary to comply with applicable laws, legal process or to enforce the IDEATION Rules.

    Use of Data

    IDEATION may combine organizational information collected from Members with information from other IDEATION services or third parties to provide improved User experience, including customizing content for Members. IDEATION may use cookies and other technologies to enhance Members’ online experience and to learn about how the IDEATION system is used in order to improve quality.

    IDEATION may use organizational information to provide the services requested by Members, including services that display customized content and aggregate statistical information. Aggregate statistical information is information that is recorded about usage of the IDEATION Innovation Manager System and is collected into groups so that it no longer reflects or references an individually identifiable User.

    IDEATION may use organizational information for auditing, research and analysis to operate and improve IDEATION technologies and services but may not include any of the Members’ proprietary information or in any away allow for Members’ proprietary information to be deduced. If a Member opts to encrypt any of its data, that data will not be included even in aggregate statistical review.

    When IDEATION uses third parties to assist it in processing Members’ organizational information, IDEATION requires that they comply with the Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

    IDEATION may also share information with third parties in strictly limited circumstances, including when complying with legal process or preventing fraud or imminent harm, and ensuring the security of IDEATION’s network and System.

    A Member may decline and refuse cookies in its browser, although this may reduce some of the functionality of the IDEATION Innovation Manager.

    IDEATION makes every effort to provide Members with access to its own organizational information upon request and to allow Members to correct such data if it is inaccurate whenever possible.

    Ideas submitted to IDEATION will be treated as confidential and only relevant parties will have access to it unless the idea owner set the idea as Public Idea which will make the idea visibile publically.