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An innovation management digital space empowering individuals, experts, investors and institutions from the public and private sectors to discover, build, refine and execute ideas through the platform, allowing you to solve local and global challenges.


Madarek’s Story

It all started when a group of friends shared their career challenges and market gaps, leading them to uncover a common pattern in their different stories: Change can only happen when ideas are empowered enough to reach further and grow.

The story’s pieces came together with the team’s determination to make it happen and impact the creative scene through an open innovation platform that allows everyone to reveal their creativity and share it with the world. Our journey is still at its early stages, yet the generous patronage of HH Sayyid Theyazin bin Haithm Al Said, Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth increased our enthusiasm to work harder towards Madarek’s goals.

With every new generation brought into the world, there also comes new paths, aspirations, successes, and achievements. Today’s reality is the fruit of yesterday’s work and tomorrow will be shaped by today’s ideas. This thought is our drive to leave a mark in the knowledge realm.


Why Madarek Matters More Today?

Our world is undergoing major changes in business, individuals, societies and nations with new challenges in many sectors that need our immediate attention to seize the potential opportunities & come up with solutions that work.

Madarek Mission

To create an innovative ecosystem that connects individuals, institutions and ideas to build the right solutions that tackle the challenges of today & tomorrow.

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